83 different trading instruments

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Our Meta Trader4 platform provides our clients a superior, high performance experience for trading forex, CFDs, indexes, metals, and global equities.

Forex (also known as foreign exchange market, FX, or currency market) is the exchange for the global, decentralized trading of international currencies. This market determines the relative values of different currencies and is the largest, most liquid asset class in the world with an average daily turnover of $ 4.5 trillion (USD).

A CFD, or "Contract For Difference" is a contract between a buyer and seller that states the seller will pay the buyer the difference between the value of an asset when the contract is initiated and its value when the contract comes to term. This means that if the buyer’s position is long and the asset has risen price at contract time, the seller pays the buyer the difference in price. In the case of the buyer with the long CFD contract, if the asset drops in price, the buyer will then pay the seller the difference. CFDs are leverage-based investing instruments that typically require 3 to 15 percent margin.

Indexes follow the performance of specific selections or classes of assets. Indexes include the Dow Jones Industrial Average, Standard & Poor’s 500 Index, NASDAQ Composite Index, Wilshire 5000 Total Market Index, and more. Index funds mirror the performance of their underlying index, and since such a fund is not actively managed, index funds have an expense ratio of around 0.2% as apposed to an average 1.5% for mutual funds.

Many people choose to buy gold, silver, platinum, and palladium as a hedge against economic turmoil, war, and the threat of inflation on currency values. Besides holding the physical metals in the form of newly minted coins, antique coins, or bullion bars, you can participate in the metals market by investing in stocks and mutual funds that hold shares in mining companies or exchange traded funds (ETFs) that hold bullion, such as Gold SPDR (GLD), Platinum (PPLT), Palladium (PALL), and Silver (SLV).

Global Equities
Global equities are equity positions in companies that market their goods on a global scale. Some of these include Microsoft, Intel, Sony, and Toyota. Shares in these types of companies can be purchased on US stock exchanges.