What is Copy Trading

Want to trade Forex but have limited knowledge and experience? Fret no more! We have the perfect solution for you! Now, all you have to do is to Copy Trade. What is copy trading you may ask? Well, it is simply to copy or mirror the trades of those traders who are more experienced and knowledgeable, also known as Mentors

  • Copy trading is the upcoming trend in which financial companies are undertaking as it offers everyone the opportunity to trade profitably. Yes, now even small scale or beginner traders get to trade like the professionals do.

    In copy trading you get to emulate the trading strategies of experienced traders, either by copying their individual trades or by copying their entire investment strategy. Just by a click of the mouse, you can efficiently assign a percentage of your account balance to emulate an individual trader’s strategies, or to follow several traders concurrently. 

    For as long as you are copying a trader, every movement or position they take on the trading platform will be mirrored into your account. You can choose to mitigate your risk by copying several traders across several different strategies and instruments.

    Another advantage of copy trading is the access to individual traders’ in-depth information such as their portfolio, trading history and success rates. This allows you the ability to analyse and track their trading performance before actually copying them.

    If you are an excellent copy trader, very soon you will be copied by other traders as well! The more people copying you, the more you earn! Yes, on top of earning from your trades, you also earn for being a good copy cat!  Check out the amazing incentives of becoming an expert copy trader.

    TraDesto is truly the only platform where EVERYONE gets to trade more and earn more!